Pump Dragon

Welcome to Pump Dragon

An 8 week program for legendary size & strength

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8 weeks to more size & strength – are you ready to ride the legendary Pump Dragon?

Pump Dragon is not your super average, max effort barbell strength program.

No, we’re going to take a step back from heavy maxes and focus on building your foundation and getting large…

…and that means reps, and then more reps.

Pump Dragon is an 8-week strength AND size program designed to fill in your weak links and add some weight to your main lifts while giving you the pump of a legend.

Why You need Pump Dragon

Because as strength athletes its too easy to get preoccupied with chasing large lifts all of the time. It’s easy for you to forget to build the body to tolerate all of the heavy lifting. 

I developed Pump Dragon through working with dozens of clients to fill in weak links in training and address imbalances in strength. 

And let’s be honest – looking more awesome is never a bad thing. 

What Pump Dragon is about:

  • Increasing Muscle Size.

  • Increasing Tendon and Ligament Strength.

  • Leaving the gym feeling amazing – not burnt out.

I wanted to make this as straight forward as possible.

You will complete your compound lifts for the day and then hit your accessory work for mountains of volume.

What Pump Dragon is NOT about:

Pump dragon is not about chasing heavy triples or singles or getting ready for a contest (Check out my other programs HERE for that).

Pump Dragon is not for program hoppers – You are going to put in some work and you will see the results.

Pump Dragon is not for those seeking easy or quick results. This program takes work but will deliver.

Check out the Pump Dragon Sequel program here: https://bit.ly/2Mn3MVG

What You Get:

8 Week Program

You get the entire 8 week Pump Dragon Size and Strength Program. This is 4 training session each week that will easily add size to your body and PR’s to your Bars!

Video of each exercise

I’ve included an exclusive video library for Pump Dragon with demonstrations of the exercises not available anywhere else.

All of the Gainz!

I’ve included variations for training gyms and globo gyms/health clubs so that you can work this program no matter where you’re training.

Are you ready to Ride the Pump Dragon and gain size & strength in 8 weeks?

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