*This programming is designed for an athlete who is fully rested and ready to hit it 100%, it is not advisable to do an LBEB workout daily. Lift Big Eat Big cannot be held liable for any injuries sustained during programming implementation. 


LBEB Lifting Programs for Various Sports & Goals

8 Week Strength Program For Crossfitters

4 Week Tactical Athlete Program

4 Week Press Program

8 Week Olympic Weightlifting & Squat Program

4 Week Mass-Building Program

4 Week Beginner Program

6 Week Powerlifting & Olympic Program

12 Week Olympic Weightlifting Program

4 Week General Strength & Conditioning Program

8 Week General Strength & Conditioning Program

4 Week Weightlifting & Strongman Program

These are sample programs for the general public. When you require something tailored to your needs, head to the consultation page.