Your Health Is Not Profitable

While I was walking down the street of a busy city in China, I thought to myself: “There is an unbelievable amount of flashing advertisements here”. Just blatant, in-your-face ads for every product you can imagine. It seemed obnoxious at the moment, but I began to appreciate the fact that the advertisement was so blatant, as opposed to our country where the advertisements can be so subtle and deceitful.

Nowhere is this more prevalent for me than in the health and fitness industry. It is an industry where health problems are invented for the sake of a dollar, and where nutritional recommendations fly in the face of logic and fact.

To put it simply: Corporations want you to remain unhealthy.

If everyone was fit and healthy, pharmaceutical corporations would have no one to sell cholesterol-lowering pills to. These companies need you to remain unhealthy. It’s why they tell you to avoid eggs because it will “kill your heart”, and instead eat a “healthy breakfast” of complex carbohydrates.

An immediate conflict of interest can be seen when look at the nation’s current nutritional recommendations. For starters, the project is funded and ran by the USDA (that stands for United States Department of Agriculture). Now you should be asking yourself: “Doesn’t it seem strange that the Department of Agriculture is telling me what to eat? How is the organization that helps produce the nation’s supply of corn able to tell me what I shouldn’t be eating?”

Another example of this is the dairy industry. We are told that we must drink milk because it contains calcium, and our bones also contain calcium, therefore milk is good for our bones. That would be great information, except it isn’t true. About 100 years ago, many children in America were suffering from a bone disease known as rickets, a bone disease caused by low levels of Vitamin D in the body. Dairy farmers put synthetic Vitamin D into milk and fed it to children at schools. This fixed the rickets problem, but Big Dairy became pretty comfortable with all of the business that the schools brought them, and devised ways to stay in schools. This is why we are told to have our 3 glasses a day, and why dairy is its own food group.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love milk from grass-fed cows, but I don’t do it for calcium, I do it to get big. If you are worried about your bones, high-impact weightlifting, Vitamin D rich vegetables, and plenty of sun will take care of you.

Finally, we come to the topic of celebrity nutritional experts. Dr. Oz is the first one that comes to mind. Interesting to note that Dr. Oz is a cardiologist, not a nutritionist. Maybe that is why a list of his diet foods looks like this:

Now, I am not claiming to be an expert on the subject, but I do know bullshit when I see it. Now, whether Dr. Oz actually believes this or not is irrelevant, the simple fact is that if he were to tell his audience what is actually good for them (red meat, saturated fat, cholesterol) on live TV, his show would immediately be cancelled due to lack of funding. This is the same reason why so many researchers choose to publish information that is in line with the corporations who fund the research want. If they were to publish material that didn’t agree with the corporation, they would lose funding and therefore be out of a job. It’s the same reason why good, honest material is squelched and hidden from public view.

This is why a product like Honey Nut Cherrios can be branded “heart healthy”, even though it contains less than 1 gram of fiber, and 3x the amount of sugar as protein. But, because it has paid the American Heart Association and because it is low cholesterol, it is branded as heart healthy.

You don’t have to look very hard to find information on why you are being recommended to eat certain things. Permanent weight loss is not economically viable for the corporations who make these recommendations. They need you to stay sick and weak so you keep coming back to suck on the teat. Pull the wool off of your eyes and stop following recommendations that don’t have your best interest at heart.

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