You Don’t Like Crossfit? Get Over It

If I had my way, I would eliminate all future internet articles that focus on these three topics: 1. Running will kill you. Lift weights instead!

2. Carbs make you fat. 

3. Crossfit is dumb because I say so.

Luckily today I will only write about option #3, so let’s get started.

I will preface this article by stating that I am a 285lb Strongman that never wants to even think about doing a kipping pullup or metcon again in my life. That being said, the prevalence of Crossfit-bashing articles have become nothing less than tedious, and contribute nothing to the strength world that hasn’t already been said hundreds of times, usually by the same people. If you are like Mark Rippetoe, your ONLY contribution to the strength world these days is writing over and over how you think Crossfit is just so dumb! It’s dumb and I hate it, because it’s dumb!! Now, that isn’t to say that there aren’t some things in the Crossfit world that make my face cringe and my groin hurt, such as this: