Workout Nutrition Timing: Fact vs. Fiction

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Pre, intra, and post workout nutrition has always been something that I take very seriously when I train.  When I was younger I would simply have a delicious PB&J sandwich, hit the gym, then down a protein shake right after.  However, if you are a serious strength athlete you want every advantage there is to improve performance and recovery.  Also when I was a beginner, I would only train for the most an hour to an hour and a half, so the total volume of work I would do was much lower then what I do now.  When training the big 3 for powerlifting and just about any strong(wo)man event, it takes a huge toll on your body.  The more advanced and the stronger you get, the more important recovery from nutrition will be.  As a beginner through high school, and college (even though I thought I was super advanced) I never took a deload, and I didn’t even know what one was.  However I trained strictly on a bodybuilding program that I literally got out of muscle magazines, so the higher rep training