When Shouldn’t You Just Train Through The Pain?

Article written by Josh Mac

I own a shirt that reads “Train through the pain” across the front of it.  That’s some real tough guy sh!t, let me tell you.  I bought it before I knew what pain was and what pain, specifically nerve pain, was capable of doing to me.  Now I wear it ironically because the message that it sends, although Neanderthal in thought process, still rings nonetheless true for me.

18 months after a 4 disc herniation, I have reoccurring pain due to nerve damage which manifests itself as sciatica in both legs and a degradation of peripheral feeling in my right quad.  These sensory problems are the remnants of the damage done when disc material and blood ejected and pressed against my nerve roots as a result of a lifting related injury.  Although the acute injury has since healed, pains more evil side reared its ugly head in the form of lasting chronic nerve pain.

Many of us have sustained injuries as a direct result of training, but when is it ok to train through the pain and when isn’t it?  What is nerve pain and what is it a symptom of?  Is pain and the experience of having pain cumulative in nature, or can it cease without leaving a physical trace of its presence?  Let’s tackle the shit out of this topic as hard and as painfully as humanly possible.

What is Pain?