What Motivates Me to Keep Going (While on Top)

Article written by Alanna Casey (3x World Strongwoman Champion)

All of my life I have wanted to be the best at something, anything. Growing up I discovered that I was above average at just about everything I attempted; sports, academics, and social integration all came fairly easy to me. However, in all of these categories there was always at least one person who was better than me, in most cases there were several people better than me. I kept trying different activities, hoping that I would stumble across the one thing that I was obviously meant to be the best at; the thing that just came natural to me. I believed that there would be one activity that made me feel like I was a duck in water, that I was destined to be intertwined with. I do not know exactly where this belief originated from only that I now know this belief to be false. This fact is critically important.

Strongman is the vehicle that enabled me to realize this truth. When I first started strongman I was not good at it. I could barely press a 110lb log and I could not load a 135lb atlas stone over a 47 inch bar, things I could now do extremely easily. Originally I thought, “Well, I guess I’m not meant to do strongman. I’m just too short.” This is a loser’s mentality. No one is PERFECTLY manufactured to be the best at any given activity.  Every single person has particular weaknesses that must be overcome in order to be great at some activity. For example, I know of people who became doctors who I wouldn’t necessarily label as “naturally extremely smart.” However, those people studied their asses off and eventually found a way to become doctors and THAT is what is most important, the end result: they became doctors.  Being the smartest is not necessarily a requirement to become a doctor. What is a requirement is caring enough to sacrifice to improve upon weaknesses to make the desired result a reality. For me, continuing to compete in strongman reinforces this theory. This theory also means it is possible to succeed or become talented at anything you choose to