Warrior Dash Recap

This past weekend myself, my younger brother and my wife took part in the Warrior Dash in North Bend, WA. The whole event can basically be described as a combination of Woodstock, an insane clown posse concert, and a hipster convention.

It was a 3 1/2 mile foot race that took place mostly in very deep mud and had 10 obstacles spread throughout it. Naturally most of the hipsters said that last years race was a lot better, but since this was my first year I have nothing to compare it to. I thought it was great!

All racers were encouraged to show up with a full beard and outlandish costumes, hence the hipster convention. Here is a photo of my brother painted up like an old Pictish warrior:

I was going to paint myself up too, but I was nursing a Mexican food baby that morning and it just sounded like way too much work. I decided to just wear some short shorts and work on my tan. The going was pretty slow because Christina has some sort of knee problem where she can’t run for very long. (If you ask me, the “knee” problem can be attributed to a Mexican pizza and quesadilla the night before. Love you honey!)

The obstacles seemed pretty standard fare: there were the usual wall climbs, rope bridges, destroyed cars and obstacles filled with dirty tires. Naturally I had to help Christina through most of them, which is fine with me since I definitely got my money’s worth.

I am not a huge fan of being covered in dirt (I know, I am ashamed) so as the race was nearing its end I was thinking that I would come out of pretty spic n’ span…until I came to the last obstacle which involved crawling through a lake of watery mud and narrowly avoiding a tractor dumping more mud on me. We ended up looking like this:

After the race we made sure to cash in our chips for a free beer from Pyramid Brewery, the Apricot Ale was the best.

Christina can’t ever do something really healthy on the weekends without finding a way to counteract it with an epic dessert. Not that I am complaining, who wouldn’t want an ice cream sandwich pie?

All in all, it was an awesome race. Traffic was terrible and horse crap was everywhere, but the sun actually came out, and it was nice to see some nature and get away from the skyscrapers of Seattle.

I plan on doing Metro Dash later this year, it looks to be a big improvement from last years race!

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