Upper Back Training

One of the biggest holes I see in most athletes development is usually upper back strength. I feel that your upper back is one of the most important muscle groups you can work yet it’s so highly neglected by so many people. Why? Maybe because we don’t know how to work it? Maybe we just don’t see it as that important? I think that if you really look at your development and you’re honest with yourself you’ll probably agree that your upper back could use some extra attention.

Are you one of those people that can pull just about any deadlift off the floor but the trouble is always in the lockout? Or when front squats get heavy do you start rounding over in the hole often dropping the bar? These are signs that your upper back needs to be stronger. In my opinion the most important thing that your upper back does is provide the stability or the “uprightness” needed to move big weight. By this I mean keeping you upright in the hole on a squat, reigning the bar in when a deadlift gets a little in front of you, and providing a big stable platform off which to press, whether it be bench press or overhead