Training Hard & Smart

Article written by Marshall White for I am a proponent of training like an animal and believe you me I love training as much if not more than most athletes. Here’s the thing though, as an athlete if you want to make optimal gains you have to train HARD and SMART. What does this mean? This means that sometimes training 6 days a week for 3-4 hours a day is not always the way to optimize your gains. I’ve been seeing some people lately on the LBEB Facebook site talking about using the Bulgarian method as their system of training. While I respect their ability to work like a mule I do not think they are getting the gains they could be getting if they added a dash of smart to all that hard they have in their program. Think about it logically. Building muscle and strength is all about tearing down muscle fiber then letting it heal stronger. If you are constantly tearing the muscle fibers you are obviously missing out on a key component to getting stronger. There has to be a time for healing and recovery.