Three Exercises I Wish I Would Have Started Sooner

Article written by Shannon Khoury  I understand that people tend to flame on about CrossFit on teh webz, but here is the thing: no other program has had a bigger effect on influencing women to get under a bar.  None.  That is all.  Study after study has shown the efficacy and health benefits of strength training for women.  If a program has influenced women to be stronger and healthier, it is my belief that it can be considered to be a success.

Now, don’t get me wrong, “successful” does not suggest “flawless.”  What works for some will not always work for all.  Injuries may occur, especially if we are dealing with a person who has previously been injured.  We could spend forever debating the ins and outs of periodization and programming and how CrossFit tends to run against the grain regarding both of those principles.  Whatever.  That isn’t why I am here.  Just let ask me this, ladies – how many of you were introduced to Strongwoman and/or powerlifting through CrossFit?  Are you raising your hand?  Me too.  Let’s talk 

Individual programming is important, and often, falling into a one-size-fits-all training modality can be a pitfall for many, including myself.  For example, I have extremely flat feet.  This creates a unique set of challenges and physical compensations that affect my training and which need to be addressed in order to keep me injury-free while keeping the progress rolling.  Unfortunately, these are issues that will not be addressed when following a program that has been written in a book or a whiteboard.