The Ultimate Guide To Forming Unbreakable Habits

Article written by Tom Foxley Coaches are quick to talk about the physiological adaptation to a stimulus: the energy pathways, muscle recruitment, recovery time, Vo2 max etc. but they often neglect the adaptation at the heart of the matter: the psychological one.

What could be more important?

There are two sides to adaptation to a stimulus: neural adaptation and habituation. In this article, I’ll be discussing habituation. For the largest impact in your life, understanding how habits are formed and destroyed is the most important.

First, picture this story. You’ve picked up a niggle. At the moment, it’s just that – a niggle. You know that it will progress into something more severe soon though if you do nothing about it.

So you see a physio, chiro or research the issue yourself and come out with a plan of action. You know that for the next 3-4 weeks, you’re going to have to mobilize, stretch and strengthen the affected area 5 or 6 times a week.

The first week is a breeze, you’re clearly motivated. You do the work you’re supposed to do and begin to see the rewards as the niggle dissipates. You know you should be doing it for another three weeks, but forget one day. You remember just before you go to bed (when you still have