The Top 3 Reasons to Track Your Workouts

Tracking your workouts day-by-day is one of the best ways to monitor self improvement and progress made in the gym. To be a successful lifter, tracking your workouts is an absolute necessity, but for new trainees, it can be seen as a hassle, or something that is hard to remember or is just plain unnecessary.

I have compiled my list of the top three reasons to track your workouts which hopefully give enough motivation to stop making chump excuses and start down the path of successful lifting.

1. It Makes Your Coaches Job Easier

I love coaching and I love seeing the progress that my trainees make each session. However, what I HATE is having to play guesswork to figure out what your previous PR was. Just because I love coaching doesn’t mean that I have brain space to remember your PR’s each week. You are not my only client, numbers are going through my head all day when planning your workouts, rep schemes, and thinking about my own lifts. If I can show up prepared to train you, then you can show up prepared to be trained.

Track the progress of your lifts from each session, know exactly where you stand going into a workout, and show up prepared. Your coach will thank you for it. When your coach is happy, everybody’s happy.

2. Goal Setting

The most obvious reason for tracking the progress of your lifts is to know what to aim for during the next session. If you just hit 350lbs, write it in your logbook so next time you will know to aim for 360. It’s pretty simple folks, if you want to seriously start strength training then you need a log book. You can’t just walk into the rack and aim for whatever feels nice. Whether you are getting big or just lifting big, your progress must be tracked each day. One of the signs of a lazy individual who lacks passion is someone who has no goals, don’t be someone who is fine with squatting whatever is comfortable, boundaries must be pushed.

If you have nothing to aim for, then that’s all you will hit.

3. Preparation For The Next Session.

Another great benefit of tracking your lifts is that it gives you the chance to visualize the successful lift. On rest days I spend about 20 minutes mentally visualizing the next days lifting session and exactly how it will play out. I visualize the weight progression I will use to work up to a new PR, how I will stretch, and even how far my knees will be out. This all plays a huge role in having a successful training session, and would not be possible if I did not track my workouts. On training days, as I head to the gym I check my log book again to verify exactly what I should be aiming for. I feel my testosterone increase and my core temperature heat up as my body begins to warm itself up.

If you just mosey into the gym without some form of game plan, chances are your workouts will suffer tremendously.

These three reasons should be more than enough to get you tracking your workouts. Once you start, you will notice that things operate much more smoothly when you are organized. If nothing else, do it for your coach!

Happy Halloween

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