The Myth of an Unfair Advantage

Back in March, Crossfit HQ posed a question on Facebook: “Do you think weightlifting shoes should be allowed at the CF Games?” There were all the usual responses. “It’s unnatural”, “You weren’t born with weightlifting shoes on”, and so forth. The question that they posed got me thinking about all of the complaining that I see on various websites that involve things like wrist wraps, knee wraps, bench shirts, you name it.

I started to think about how ridiculous the whole idea of an “unfair advantage” really is. After all, anything that you have at your disposal in your training that someone else doesn’t have can be considered an advantage. Many athletes that point the finger and accuse something as being unnatural seem to forget a few things. First off, unless everyone is the same height and weight and works out naked, anything can be can be perceived as an