The Most Neglected Muscle: Deloading Your Brain

In between squatting big sets of 325 for fun and educating me on all things strongman related, fellow Lift Big Eat Big advocate Jay Stadtfeld takes the time to write. I asked him to write up a blog post about deloading the mind, since it is a body part that most of us tend to neglect in our hectic lives.

Deloads are an important part of training, although frequently a pain in the backside. They are important in order to help the CNS recover fully from weeks of heavy training, let the musculature heal from the stresses imparted on it, and allow you to continue training in the matter that you were.

However, how frequently do you take the time out of your day to deload your mind? Daily life is stressful enough without a break. There’s a reason Hispanic culture takes naps during the day, while the English have “tea time”. It’s so they can take a step away from their work, collect their thoughts, and maintain mental sanity. Ya know, as opposed to purchasing a high caliber weapon and going all Duke Nukem (Hail to the king, baby) on the office building.

Having a calm, collected mind is an integral part to health, since the brain is the hub of all things body. Need to eat? Your brain alerts your stomach it’s time to eat animal flesh. Need to take a bath? You should go do that. You smell, and your brain senses that.

Taking 10 minutes out of your day to find a peaceful place and focusing on your surroundings will do wonders for your disposition. I was in a funk the other morning when I came home, and sat on the porch for a bit prior to my chiropractor appointment. Those minutes that I spent out there listening to the early morning crickets chirp and the birds sing their melodies put my mind in a better state so I could continue my day, instead of dredging through, focusing on the negatives. Meditation has been long practiced within the realm of Buddhism and other religions, and has since been practiced in Western culture in use with the medical field.

A few of the effects of meditation are documented as:

  1. Lowered blood pressure

  2. Changes in metabolism

  3. Brain activation

  4. And stress and pain reduction

There is no reason you can’t take 10 minutes of your day to do this and better your health, both physically and mentally. So, after reading this, go find a quiet spot and relax for a bit. Your work isn’t that of a nuclear scientist at Chernobyl. Unless it is, then I ask what you’re doing there in the first place.

Author’s Note: More about meditation and the benefits can be read here.

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