The Evolution of the Big Booty

A set of well-proportioned buttocks may be one of the greatest physical results of lifting big, it is certainly something I never get tired of applauding. But what exactly is it about seeing a superior posterior that leaves us so intoxicated? We can delve into this question by taking a look back at our evolutionary history.

The Steatopygian Booty

This type of booty should be recognizable to most individuals, it has been the inspiration for many different versions of paleolithic figurines. Steatopgyia is the term used to describe a high amount of fat that has accumulated around the region of the buttocks. It also extends to the outside and front of the thighs, give the body that signature shape.

Contrary to popular belief, this body type did not die out, and is still alive and well in parts of Africa. Below is a photo of a Khoisan woman from the early 1900’s with steatopygia:

While this body type may look strange to our industrialized eyes, the enlarged buttocks clearly serve a purpose when a child is superimposed onto the photo. For hunter-gatherer societies, gathering food was a crucial task for survival. It would be quite difficult to gather food if you had to hold on to a toddler with one arm. Her body had to adapt to hold the baby on its own, a pretty brilliant design if you ask me. The reserve fat stored in the buttocks may also have come in handy in times of food shortages. While these types of buttocks go away as societies have switched to agricultural instead of hunter-gatherer, there are still places in Africa with examples such as these.

Females generally have more round and voluptuous buttocks due to higher estrogen that encourages the body to store fat in the buttocks, hips and thighs. The body types pictures above are considered desirable by members of their tribe due to the size of the buttocks. Large booties are desirable in many modern cultures around the world, and have been for countless centuries. Some experts would say it is even hardwired into our brain.

My good friend Steven Platek (AKA The Professor) has published research that discusses how the sight of a woman with optimal an waist-to-hip-ratio (WHR) activates the neural reward center in men’s brains. The optimal WHR resembled the shape of an hourglass, which has been linked to an evolutionary markers that suggest fertility and high quality reproductive partners, much like facial symmetry and shoulder-to-hip ratio is the signal of a fertile male (The Professor is doing amazing things, check out his website here).

Optimal WHR have also been suggested as a visual indicator of adequate amount of fat stores necessary for pregnancy and lactation. In the LBEB world, it is an evolutionary marker of someone squatting their fair share, but MOAR is better.

The next time you find yourself admiring a glorious pair of buttocks that look like they have been carved from marble, you can thank your ancestors. They are the ones who hardwired these feelings into our brains, and it would be wrong to let them down suppressing the admiration. All members of Team Lift Big Eat Big strive to possess the most impressive WHR the world has ever seen.

Don’t you want to be a member of the team?

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