The Cascade Strongman Challenge

I am VERY excited to announce that I will be working with Kill Cliff and Xplore CrossFit to put on The Cascade Strongman Challenge for this coming September! The weights and events were picked by me, to be most applicable to the most amount of athletes. Check out the info below, as I think Strongman competitors will be pleasantly surprised by what’s in store for them:

First: There are only two weight classes for women and men: Lightweight and Heavyweight. This will help move the event along quickly, and cut down on weight changes and confusion between classes. The classes for women/men are as follows:

LW: 164.9lbs / 229.9lbs HW: 165lbs / 230lbs

Second (and my favorite): Each weight class will have a $500 prize for the winner. This applies to women as well, and was the caveat that I wouldn’t budge on. I rarely see shows where women win anything, and I wanted this one to be fair to both sexes.

Stone weights: LW women – 175lbs HW women – 230lbs LW men – 305lbs HW men – 355lbs

8″ log for women and 10″ log for men: LW women – 135lbs HW women – 175lbs LW men – 230lbs HW men – 285lbs

Farmer carry (weight per hand): LW women – 155lbs HW women – 195lbs LW men – 265lbs HW men – 320lbs

Sandbag: LW women – 160lbs HW women – 200lbs LW men – 225lbs HW men – 275lbs

Deadlift Ladder: TBD

The event is not sanctioned by NAS or USSC, so winning will not qualify you for Nationals, but I feel that a $500 prize is worth more than a jug of protein for the winners. Sign up today, as there is a 60 athlete cap!

If you have any questions about the show, please let me know in the comments. Standard show rules will apply. This means no bouncing deadlift reps, waiting for commands, etc.

Registration and competition info here:

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