The Beginner Mentality

When you bring in some rookies into your program, there are a handful of changes you will inevitably see in them. The first is they will change their Facebook profile photo to something involving lifting, causing all of their friends to say “oooh” and “ahhhh”. The second is that their wardrobe tends to change pretty quickly, fitting the activity they take part in. Finally the third, and subject of this article, is the fact that some beginners feel the need to work out multiple times a day, for weeks on end.

I would say this happens to roughly 70% of my new athletes (you know who you are) that I bring in from other training programs. Apparently, it doesn’t matter how demanding my training is, the rookies are always left feeling like they need to do more. I know this feeling because I was the same way when I started. Sometimes beginners feel that they need to catch up to everyone else by training 8-10 times a week, and if they can’t do it at your facility, then will sneak in extra workouts at another facility.