The 12 Days of LBEB

*Credit to Chow for the idea

It’s the holiday season, and at LBEB, we want to celebrate the holidays doing one of our favorite things: lifting ungodly amounts of weight all damn day, then bragging about it after. What better way to do this than put together a program based on the “12 Days of Christmas?” This is how it’s going to work: Starting on December 13th, we are designating a different lift every day for 12 days, aiming for PRs 12 days in a row. This is not something that we would recommend combining with any other programming that you are currently on. This challenge will not be for the faint of heart; in fact, you probably shouldn’t even do it. I repeat, DON’T DO THIS (unless you want to get huge).

Starting today would be a great time to start a 6 day deload in preparation for this challenge. That means 6 days of doing absolutely NOTHING except stretching, eating, and resting to make sure you are adequately rested for 12 days of maxing. You want to know what it’s like to max every day, like all the “pros do”? Now you can put your money where your mouth is and test it for yourself. Marshall, Talia, and even Kristin Rhodes spend 10 days before their competitions not touching a single weight, and things work out pretty well for them at their competitions. Here is how the lifts will break down on the appropriate days:

Dec 13th: Strict press Dec 14th: Back squat Dec 15th:Power clean Dec 16th Bench press Dec 17th: Snatch Dec 18th:Deadlift Dec 19th: Jerk Dec 20th: Snatch grip deadlift (Use straps) Dec 21th: Bear complex (1 complete rep) Dec 22st: Clean Dec 23nd: Farmers walk (50ft) Dec 24rd:1-1/4 squat The following is a simple way to warm up to your max attempts without fatiguing yourself. In fact, this is what I do:

Starting with 2 reps the empty bar, add 10% of your max weight to the bar for sets of 2 reps until you reach 70%. Then, decrease to 1 rep per set and increase weight by 10% until you reach 90%, after 90%, take 5 minutes complete rest. Then, hit your old max and attempt a new PR at your own weight discretion. You can use this method for all exercises here. You get 3 attempts at a new max for each exercise before you have to call it quits, but that won’t happen, WILL IT?

We want to see as many people participating as possible, so please submit videos to the LBEB fan page, with “12 Days of LBEB” in your video title. You can also compile all videos into one giant video when its all over if you prefer.

Whoever makes it through all 12 days and PRs every day will be entered into a pot, where a winner will be chosen to receive a 5lb jug of protein of their choosing from

Do your part to help everyone participate in this by sharing this article with your friends. We will be waiting for your videos!

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