Strongman Training for Men & Women

The benefits of Strongman training are many and will benefit all of those who implement it–especially Crossfit athletes who are aspiring to compete at the 2012 Games. Rob Orlando has been making some serious waves in the CF community with his strongman training methods, and it is bound to show up at the Games next year.

A lot of folks claim to like functional training, but I think that word has become meaningless. How functional is a one legged overhead squat, or a kipping handstand pushup? If you want to look at REAL WORLD functional training, give Strongman a shot. It doesn’t get more functional than picking up a giant log, flipping cars, or carrying giant stones. Why do you think events like this exist? Because this is what they used before fancy rubber plates were invented. I love all of the lifts, but Strongman training is the oldest of the old school and deserves the utmost respect. Not only will you gain an unbelievable amount of strength in your glutes, low back, shoulders and hamstrings, your forearm, grip strength, and anaerobic conditioning will increase dramatically.

I have compiled a list of videos detailing a few of the Strongman events, for women and men.

This female terminator flips a 500lb tire for 10 reps. F*cking impressive.

Like the title hints at, this is a video of the legendary Bill Kazmeier, the Strongman in the world through the 1980’s. Watch the whole video to see various real-life situations mimicked in the competitions.

This video is an example of a Strongman training session. Note the part where they use the Continental Clean to get the axle bars overhead.

Jamie Kovac, Hitting a 420lb PR with the yoke.

Jamie is also a gladiator on American Gladiators.

Here is a 230lb male flipping an 1,150lb tire with excellent form

Check out Strongman training for yourself, and you will see the carry-over it will have on all of your other athletic endeavors. Start with tire flips, stone carries, and yoke carries.

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