Stop Training For The Mirror

As we head into the Fall, I look back on this past Spring and Summer and think about the people that fill the gym at these times, people you wouldn’t normally see in there. Group 1 usually consists of young baboons clamoring around the 25lb dumbbells and decline bench (making sure that the spotter assists with every rep, of course). Group 2 consists primarily of women, swishing their lives away on the elliptical and cursing themselves for eating that 250 calorie bagel (HOW COULD YOU!?!).

Incidentally, both groups are probably listening to Ke$ha.

These are the seasonal gym-goers, working out for the sole purpose of showing off their guns or stomachs at the beach. They rarely see results at the gym and they rarely stick around for very long. In my opinion, that is because they are training for what people see face-on, for what they see in the mirror.

If you want results that involve things like increased testosterone and HGH, big PR’s on your lifts and overall increases in strength, then you just have to do one simple thing: stand in front of a mirror. Now, work on all the muscle groups that you CAN’T see. Work your posterior chain & your back.

Society has indoctrinated us to think that training the anterior chain (things like the chest, abs and quads) are the sexiest things ever. In reality, it’s not. You know what’s sexy? Strong shoulders, big hamstrings, and a great big ass. If you think otherwise, then you are probably on the wrong website.

I posted a photo to the Facebook page a couple of days ago that reaffirms my belief that people don’t want a partner with a great anterior chain so much as they want the posterior chain. You don’t get these things by focusing on the mirror muscles, you get the posterior chain by focusing on things like squats, deadlifts, the oly lifts, presses and GHD work. By working on these lifts, not only will you be working muscle groups that we are designed to be attracted to, you will also be working on your overall power output. Proper hip drive is crucial for nearly all the lifts and without it, you will be half the human that you you could be.

Some benefits of a strong posterior chain include:

  1. Shifting weight to hips and glutes, decreasing knee pain

  2. Improving your posture

  3. Decreasing lower back pain by supporting the spine

  4. Increasing overall speed and power

  5. Never having to worry about sagging pants

  6. Having the best butt in the room

These are just a few of the many benefits of having a strong posterior chain and should be motivation enough to get you off the overhead tricep extension and on to the deadlift. After all, no one cares about your biceps as much as you do, and which do you think will take you farther when the fit hits the shan: the posterior chain or the biceps?

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