Stop Training For The Mirror

As we head into the Fall, I look back on this past Spring and Summer and think about the people that fill the gym at these times, people you wouldn’t normally see in there. Group 1 usually consists of young baboons clamoring around the 25lb dumbbells and decline bench (making sure that the spotter assists with every rep, of course). Group 2 consists primarily of women, swishing their lives away on the elliptical and cursing themselves for eating that 250 calorie bagel (HOW COULD YOU!?!).

Incidentally, both groups are probably listening to Ke$ha.

These are the seasonal gym-goers, working out for the sole purpose of showing off their guns or stomachs at the beach. They rarely see results at the gym and they rarely stick around for very long. In my opinion, that is because they are training for what people see face-on, for what they see in the mirror.