Stop Liking What I Don’t Like!

It is getting increasingly tiresome to see an endless stream of men and women complaining that the rest of the world doesn’t appreciate our strength sports, and that, if we are lucky, we might see our sports on ESPN3.

When was the last time you watched a water polo tournament, an equestrian competition, or an archery championship? Probably not often, if ever? Exactly.

While I LOVE watching our fellow lifters get the little spotlight they can get, it’s ridiculous to get mad at the rest of the world for not caring as much as we do, because we don’t really watch or care about their sports either.

We appreciate strength and size because it’s what we choose to participate in. It takes a great deal of skill, training, and dedication, just like any other sport. Let’s look at one of my favorites: Brian Shaw. he is the World’s Strongest Man, a feat that most could never hope to achieve. Do you think Brian can just hop on a (giant) horse and win an equestrian competition? No, because he hasn’t trained for it at all, and probably doesn’t appreciate it like an equestrian fan would.

The arguments basically boil down to this: “Stop liking what you like, and like what I like, because I think it’s better!”

Get over it, folks. we all chose to participate in fringe sports, and you can’t get mad at the rest of the world for not