So You Think You Can Squat?

“So You Think You Can Squat” is a series of videos created by that showcases world record powerlifter, Matt Wenning, go through all the steps necessary in teaching the squat to a beginner. This series is one of my favorites because Wenning goes through every step of the squat from beginning to end and from head to toe. The squatter’s form is analyzed for consistency, and they test to see where his form breaks so they can know which muscles are weak and which muscles are overcompensating. I highly recommend watching the entire series and taking notes. It is only 5 videos, each about 5 minutes long. You know you will be wasting time at work anyway, why not learn something useful?

Video #1 analyzes the squatter’s back weaknesses, bar and head position. It also takes a look at the quadricep overcompensation because of his weaker posterior chain.

Video #2 talks about the importance of keeping the chest big, especially when unracking the bar. Wenning also discusses why the musculature of the spinal erectors cannot move once the bar is unracked.

In Video #3, Wenning describes that bad form is what keeps novice lifters from accomplish PR’s, not heavier weights. Where you box squat or not, his methods will still hold true.

In video #4, Wenning shows that simple fixes on form can add 40-50lbs to your squat. He also discusses various accessory exercises to help strength weak points of the squat.

In the final video Wenning continues to show accessory exercises (notice that he doesn’t use momentum to complete reps of the GHD, it is all hamstring).

Simple improvements in your form may be all that is hindering you from adding more weight to your squat, there are quite a few take-aways from this video and hopefully you learned something. Test them out for yourself.

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