Setting The Record Straight

Lately, there has been a lot I need to get off my chest with this site. It appears that some readers think this is a site where all can come, regardless of their approach to fitness, where all will be welcomed with open arms.

This is false.

Folks, this is LIFT BIG EAT BIG, and as the name suggests, we are all about lifting big and eating big. Now if you are vegan, then do your thing, especially if you’re part of that .001% who are allergic to meat. However, you can’t come to this site or Facebook page expecting us to seriously promote veganism as a healthy choice. It’s safe to assume that if you are vegan, you are not eating big, unless you are eating 50lbs of food mass a day. Don’t expect us to promote or support a lifestyle that is diametrically opposed to ours.

This is not We aren’t trying to appeal to everyone, because no elite athletes take that site seriously, and neither do I. LBEB is a niche site, and we have no desire to appeal to the mass majority. The mass majority does not lift big or eat big, and it is much more important to have a smaller group of core followers than a large group of followers who are here for the colorful t-shirt.

As far as training goes, there are only a few things we ask:

1. Squat at least 3 times a week, below parallel

2. Stay off the machines

3. Lift to become as big and strong as possible

Now if you don’t like these simple rules and want to do your own thing, by all means do it. But, don’t come onto to this site and wonder why we get upset when we see people watching the Real Housewives on a treadmill, or are reading a gossip magazine on the elliptical. We understand that BIG is a relative term. We don’t expect everyone to lift like Marshall or L-Train, but you better be putting in your hard work and aspiring to be as strong as you can. For LBEB readers, the gym is not a social club: It’s a place to get work done and then get the hell out. We don’t come on this site to read more about supersetting our reverse curls.

Finally, LBEB is not a place to bring up the “bodyweight” argument. Yes, it is impressive to see a 175lb guy doing a 3x bodyweight squat. Unfortunately, competitions are not based around how many times over you can squat your bodyweight, they are based around how much weight is moved, usually regardless of bodyweight. If you see someone bigger than you move more weight, who cares? Appreciate a good lift, don’t try to justify the fact that you can’t lift as much by bringing up bodyweight. 175lbs may be less than 300lbs, but 5’6” is shorter than 6’5”, and that’s at least 12 inches less distance that the weight has to move.

When it comes to shoes, you wear what is required for your sport. If you are running or doing Crossfit, wear vibrams. If you are Olympic lifting, wear Olympic shoes. “Wearing lifting shoes is cheating”, some of you say. Well no, it’s not, because it’s allowed in the sport and everyone in the Olympics wears them. Does a football player cheat by wearing cleats on a football field? No, it’s part of the sport. Don’t use the argument that “well if you were being chased by a criminal, you couldn’t outrun them in Olympic shoes, better to wear Vibrams, to be prepared for anything.” Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds? You can train to “not suck at life”, or you can train to not suck at lifting. Your choice.

In closing, we want to remind you that if you are wandering aimlessly around the gym wanting to look like Zac Effron, then LBEB is not the place for you. However, if you are wandering aimlessly around the gym with aspirations of recreational hugeness, then LBEB is the place for you. If you are on this site, you better damn well want to possess a big ass, this is no place for gravy butt. This isn’t “jump rope and eat twigs & berries”; it’s LIFT BIG EAT BIG. IF you don’t like the community, you are free to leave. There are plenty of other communities where you can go to feel better about behaving in a mediocre fashion.

And remember kids:

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