Set A Strong Mindset Before You Transition Out Of The Fitness World

You’ve competed, modeled or done a body transformation. Now it’s time to rejoin the real world. What emotional work do you need to do?

It’s one of the biggest challenges for any athlete: transitioning out of the tunnel-vision world of training, prep and competition and finding your feet again in the everyday world of… well, normality. For physique athletes, the challenge is even greater as you watch your body change with every passing day. Here’s how to cope with difficult emotions around food, body image and the loss of a goal that guided your every waking thought.

Don’t Completely Let Go Of Your Routine

For months now, you’ve eaten to a set diet. You’ve prepped your food, logged your macros, and your body has got used to it. Suddenly doing a complete 180 on your nutrition will do a number on your body and your mind. It’s important to get back to real-life eating, sure, but do it slowly and keep some healthy aspects of the diet in place.

But Be Prepared To Let Go Of “Prep”