Reintroducing Training As A New Mom

Congrats on the arrival of your baby! But what does motherhood mean for your workouts? Here’s what new Moms need to know about lifting and training.

How Training Can Help You Physically & Emotionally

As a brand-new Mom, you are probably experiencing a huge range of emotions about your own body right now. Some might be expected, and others might have completely taken you by surprise. Lifting weights and spending a little time in the gym (or simply carving out some time in your day at home to work out) can be a really valuable part of the post-pregnancy journey back to “you”.

Strength training can physically help your body repair and heal, and can do a great job in helping you feel better about post-baby body. Lifting can strengthen your self-confidence and mental resilience, as well as your muscles. If you trained before you were pregnant, it will give you a touchstone to connect with your own identity, outside of being a Mom and a source of care and nutrition for your baby. And if you’re new to lifting, get ready to experience the incredible side effects of strength training.

The First 6 Weeks

It goes without saying that you should only start or return to a strength training program under the guidance of a trainer who understands postpartum training, and that you should discuss your plans with your health practitioner. You might face some resistance (lots