Psychological Strategies For Gaining Weight

“You can’t lift big weights if you don’t eat big plates”

Article written by Michael Chernin Introduction

If you’re reading this article, it’s safe to assume that you have more than a passing interest in gaining a significant amount of mass (otherwise known as “getting huge” or “getting jacked”). You probably wouldn’t be perusing a website called Lift Big Eat Big if you didn’t have this interest, so this article will be written from a viewpoint that considers this assumption true. You may have also found that gaining and retaining a significant amount of mass has plenty of obstacles that stand in your way. However, personal experience has shown me that most of these obstacles are mental, and so I wrote this in hopes that you may take away some information that will help you surmise the challenges that come with the territory of your endeavor. I gained approximately 100 pounds from lifting weights and aggressive eating over the course of four years, and I aim to present some psychological strategies that I discovered useful for gaining weight as well as the science to back up at least some of them.

This is not a nutrition article but rather a collection of psychological strategies that you can add to your personal toolbox in your q