Product Review: The Muscle Masher

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I will be the first to admit that I don’t spend nearly enough time on mobility work. I have been lucky enough to maintain great flexibility, and lifting in a near-cold state, without needing to stretch or do mobility work. Normally, that’s not an issue. However, I feel my lack of mobility work catches up to me when I need to fly overseas, or really, fly in general. The seats are small, my knees are buried into the base of someone’s spine in front of me, and if I’m lucky, my shoulder only extends 4-5 inches over the armrest into someone else’s chair. Because of this, I was happy to hear from Muscle Masher, when asked to review their new product, as I felt that it would help get into some of my harder-to-reach spots during and after travelling.  Check out my thoughts on the Muscle Masher below.


What is it?

Simply put, the Muscle Masher is a tool designed for athletes and non-athletes alike, to get into what I consider to be the toughest muscle points for loosening, and pain relief. Because of its design, the intensity level of the Muscle Masher will be completely up to the user. On one end of the stick is a plastic ball, 1-7/8” in diameter. On the other end is an aluminum handle, covered with a cushioned grip. In the middle is a heavy-duty adjustable strap, which will keep the plastic ball in place as you apply pressure on the handle, to dig into any problem areas. My problem areas after a hard workout are generally my forearms, biceps, calves, and my VMO, which is what I tested the Muscle Masher on.


I was pretty excited to get some instant feedback in my VMO from the Muscle Masher, as this is one of the hardest areas for me to stretch, especially during travel, and doubly so when I am traveling to a seminar. Lifting the day after a flight generally doesn’t feel too great, and as my clothes are the size of a bedsheet at times, I have limited space in my bags for something like a foam roller. I could pack some lacrosse balls, but am not too thrilled to lay on the floor of an airport for any amount of time.

The Muscle Masher seems to be the answer to both of those personal issues for me, as it takes minimal space in my bag, especially a carry-on, and can be used while sitting in a chair, rather than requiring me to lay on the floor. It’s pretty great to have something dig in so deep to break up some ornery fascia, without needing to contort myself into various kama sutra poses in order to reach the problem area. I noticed the best overall results with the Muscle Masher on my VMO, but other areas benefited as well.


Other areas that are notoriously difficult for me to loosen are my biceps, and my calves. As most Strongmen can testify, our biceps take a notorious beating, especially from stones in my case, and they can be a bit difficult to target with rollers, and even with bands, if you don’t have a pullup cage to wrap a band around. I can see this being extremely beneficial after the gym, on a road trip home from a competition, or on a flight home. I hate to be “that guy” doing mobility work on a plane, but you try being 6’5” and 275lbs while sitting in a sardine can. I predict that the Muscle Masher and I will be great frequent members of the Mile-High Club in the future.

One small drawback, or possibly a user issue that just takes getting used to, is tightening the strap with one hand. It’s easy for the legs, but forearms and bicep/tricep usage will take a bit of getting used to, to keep the strap tight. You can apply torque from different angles to counter-act a loosened strap, however.

One thing I REALLY like about the design of the Muscle Masher is that the handle rotates almost 360 degrees, so you can constantly find new areas to dig in, in order to find that sweet spot that is somewhere between torture and nirvana. This aspect is really important to me, because without it, it defeats the purpose, and would require you to just get on a foam roller or lacrosse ball anyway. One additional feature of the Muscle Masher, is you can shorten or lengthen the stick itself, which comes in handy, for me, on the area behind my knee. I wasn’t able to really start digging into this area until I shortened the stick.


Overall, I think the Muscle Masher is a great product for athletes, travelers, and anyone that is interested in minimal effort for maximal reward. I have listed some additional thoughts on the product below.

Additional Thoughts

I feel as though the Muscle Masher would greatly benefit from offering different kinds of attachment heads, besides the plastic ball. For example, a head with “teeth” on it, or perhaps a softened triangular shape, would allow users to really dig into areas that a ball cannot reach. The manufacturers have mentioned that this could be a possibility in the near future.

If you are traveling with it in your carry-on bag, it would probably be wise to disassemble it, as who knows what will look like a weapon to TSA these days.

In closing, I recommend this product to anyone that that is looking for an easier way to hit some of the hardest areas for mobility work, which is, in my case, my limbs. The Muscle Masher also comes with branding opportunities, as the strap can be embossed with your gym or brand logo. The sample I was sent is embossed with the California Strength, a good gym to be associated with.

Feel free to sign up for the Muscle Masher newsletter, to take part in product surveys and feedback programs, in order to optimize the product for others. The newsletter will also give you access to notifications when new attachment heads are available. Check out the Muscle Masher for yourself, and get to getting loose as a goose.

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