Problematic Athletes Make You A Better Coach

Dream clients: they pop up only when the planets are aligned, the oceanic magma vents are opened up just right, and the Arctic penguins have a successful mating season. You probably know the kind I speak of: they show up, don’t complain, do the work, track their lifts and macros, etc. Some coaches call them robots because they go through their sessions like clockwork. I like to call them Destriers. They are what coaches have in mind when they first set out on their coaching careers.

Then, you have the standard client: they show up on time, usually. They have some aches and pains, miss their lifts sometimes, go for a few months without a PR, etc. These clients are generally just fine to work with and require more care than the dream client.

Then, finally, you have the problematic client. Their behavior can manifest itself differently, but usually appear in the following ways:

  1. No clear goals even though they keep coming to your gym or stay on as an online satellite client.

  2. Don’t track weights or weight progression in almost any way, even after repeated reminders.

  3. Show up late or miss the session with no forewarning.