Phalanx Method Is Now Live!

Greetings, Peers, and thank you for your support in the world’s first history-based strength training program: The Phalanx Method. You are about to embark on a journey that no lifter has ever traveled before: using Classical-era texts, archaeological evidence and legendary myths to achieve an all-encompassing level of fitness. I am wholeheartedly grateful that you would choose to follow a unique program like Phalanx Method in order to challenge your bodies, minds and souls, to achieve a greater version of the person you were before.

There are few true “Eureka!” moments in someone’s life: a single thought or moment that flicks the light switch of the mind and causes a cascade of ideas and possibilities to pour in, forever changing the trajectory of your future. Phalanx Method came to me from my moment of Eureka; the flood of thoughts about how to go about making Phalanx Method were all triggered by a single word:


This word, Othismos, in Ancient Greece, meant something similar to the English words “push/shove.” It was the word used to describe that moment on the battlefield when Hellenic warriors would clash with the enemy, both against foreign invaders, as well as fellow Greeks. Whether literal or metaphorical, the idea behind the word was to literally drive your enemy off the field with your bronze-faced aspis shield, along with your comrades standing shoulder-to-shoulder with you in the line of battle.

Let me give you a little background information on my road to writing Phalanx Method.