Making Time For What You Want

Article written by Kristin Rhodes Everyone has an excuse. The one I hear most often is I don’t have time. The truth is there is always time if you want to make time. You make time for the things you want.

I started competing in Strongman when my youngest was just 10 months old. In fact at my first contest ever, I was nursing my daughter between events. The surprise on peoples faces when they saw me go up and press a wooden log overhead multiple times, after just seeing me nursing my daughter was priceless. Most of them didn’t even realize I was a competitor. You can be a great mom and still do something good for yourself. Competing and training is just part of my life now. I have been finding the balance between being a wife, a mother of three and a business owner both on and off the competition field for almost eight years. In that time I have competed in eight National Championships and have won “America’s Strongest Woman” six times. I competed in the 2008 “Strongwoman World C