Making Time For What You Want

Article written by Kristin Rhodes Everyone has an excuse. The one I hear most often is I don’t have time. The truth is there is always time if you want to make time. You make time for the things you want.

I started competing in Strongman when my youngest was just 10 months old. In fact at my first contest ever, I was nursing my daughter between events. The surprise on peoples faces when they saw me go up and press a wooden log overhead multiple times, after just seeing me nursing my daughter was priceless. Most of them didn’t even realize I was a competitor. You can be a great mom and still do something good for yourself. Competing and training is just part of my life now. I have been finding the balance between being a wife, a mother of three and a business owner both on and off the competition field for almost eight years. In that time I have competed in eight National Championships and have won “America’s Strongest Woman” six times. I competed in the 2008 “Strongwoman World Championships” in Poland and finished in second place. In 2012, I finally won the WSW championship title in Finland. Additionally, I hold three Guinness World Records and filmed a TV show called Superhuman Challenge last year for the BBC. How cool is that! All because I was able to find a balance and make time for myself and my family.

Let’s face it, if you want something bad enough you will find a way. I choose to train after our kids are in bed during the week and one weekend day. After struggling for the first year to find the time to train, we turned our one car garage into a gym. While I know that is not ideal for everyone, it was my solution. I have also scaled back and only train three days a week now. With the extra time and rest I have seen amazing strength gains.

I think as women we often feel guilty not giving our kids 100% of our time and energy. Here’s the thing though, if your not happy with yourself, you wont have a happy home. A happy healthy confident mom will raise happy healthy confident children. Whether your into Strongman, Crossfit, Power Lifting or Body Building, it really doesn’t matter. Surround yourself with people that have similar interests and share your goal. That will make training and finding the time to train much easier. When you have a good support system it is much easier to feel less guilty about making time for yourself.

Remember to always have fun! Continue learning and bettering yourself. Find a coach or training system that you believe in. Because when you believe in YOU and in your training, great things will happen. You should never feel miserable. If you do then it’s time for a change!

I’ve had to change programming coaches when I was no longer progressing at the rate I wanted to. It just wasn’t fun anymore. I’ve been there ladies! I am so thankful to have finally found the perfect coach, one that has my best interests in mind.

Here’s my advice, you should never feel guilty for making time for yourself. It is possible to be an all around Wonder Woman if you believe in yourself and quit making yourself feel guilty. One of my favorite sayings is “Mind over body”. My high school cross country and soccer coach nicknamed me “Special K” because of my ability to overcome my size (which was only 175lbs) and just plain kick serious ass as an athlete. I was never the smallest but I had determination to be the best. It is that determination that drives me today. So my message to you ladies, is be determined, work hard and make it happen! Go out and get what you want!

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