LIFT BIG EAT BIG State of the Union Address

Two score and 12 weeks ago, Lift Big Eat Big was created to serve as a rallying point for those who were tired of seeing their squat racks defiled, fed up with the deluge of bro-science that covers the internet, and disgusted by the skewed images of rail-thin models with no glutes to display proudly.

In the first two months, LBEB racked up a whopping 934 pages views. Now just one year later, we are bringing in over 160,000 every month. This number grows by roughly 20% every month. It wouldn’t be possible without the help of everyone who pitches in to make LBEB a better place. Let’s go through the list of thank-yous, I am sure you are on it somewhere.

First, I want to thank my wife for everything she does for the site. If you have ordered something from me, it was her who decided to make the packing slips with the awesome layout, I was content with a white envelope and chicken-scratch handwriting, which is exactly why she helped out. Without her, I wouldn’t be sitting at home most nights, feeling like belly will explode from her epic meals. She also helps come up with a lot of the ideas for the site, and yes, she thinks it’s great that I post all of the posterior photos. Thanks for all your hard work peeb!

Next, I need to thank my designer, Jennifer Iron. She has been with me since the beginning, and has helped turn my squat-related dreams into some awesome designs. We can be a pain in each other’s necks, but we are always able to hug it out. Thanks for all your hard work, kid.

You know I have to thank all of the LBEB athletes: Talia, Streaky, Jay, Marianna, L-Train, Amy, Stephanie, Miles, Jannetti, and Chow.Without them, the brand would not be growing anywhere close to the rate it is today. Wearing the clothes to competitions, getting their gyms involved with the site, and taking part in every asinine contest we have, it’s the athletes who make LBEB popular.

The coaches at OGER CF need to be on this list as well. Thanks for letting LBEB use the gym for all our various shenanigans.

I want to thank all the guest writers as well. Jay, Marshall, Jeff, Dana, Wayne, The Professor, Sam, and others have all contributed to making LBEB a reputable site for information sharing. They also take a little stress off my back when I don’t have time to write an article. Thanks team!

I have to thank all the fans who I see on the Facebook page every day, all the folks who support the site by buying shirts, and all the amazing men and women who send in the FAME-ASS photos which helps the popularity of the FB page. It’s pretty cool that a lot of our images and videos get upwards of 400 LIKES and 80-90 shares.

Last but certainly not least, I would like to personally thank people like Dr. Oz, Jillian Michaels, and Tracy Anderson for the never-ending supply of bad information which serves as inspiration for articles and hilarious photos. It’s good to hear their advice, so you can continually do the opposite of it.

Last year was a great year for LBEB, and this upcoming year will be even better. We have a lot of projects in the pipeline (The Arnold, anyone?), we plan on visiting gyms and maybe even having a few seminars with the athletes. Expect the LBEB team to show up at more and more local competitions in the upcoming year. We plan on releasing more products as well, including custom welded gym equipment, and LBEB Rocktape.

I am proud to be part of a community that is so proud of their giant legs, their oversized meals, and their extra large posteriors. I think we have started a revolution.

Here is to another exciting year, and remember:

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