Lift Big Eat Big Forums Are Now Open!

Hey everybody, the brand new and very shiny Lift Big Eat Big Forums are now open!

For a long time, we’ve been wanting to have a place where everybody can ask questions, get help, learn new things, and talk to everyone else about anything lifting or not lifting related. A place for the entire LBEB community. We opened the forums to do just that, and we think you’re going to think it’s great, too.

We’re charging a $20 annual membership fee to take part in the forums. Why are we charging? We’re not trying to make bags of money, but rather encourage everyone to follow through and be an active contributor. We all know how the habit of signing up for something and promptly forgetting about it goes. And by putting up a paywall, hopefully we can keep out the trolls and people who just don’t care as well.

To join, just register an account right over here. We’re looking forward to seeing you on the forums!

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