LBEB Warmup Series: Deadlifts

Today we are continuing with part #2 of our warmup series, this time focusing on some of the ways I like to warm up different parts of my body before deadlifts. Although this is a “deadlift” warmup, I feel that it can be applied to most movements that involve pulling objects off the floor, not just a barbell. Let’s get into it.

#1: Compression Curls

We have covered on previous posts on how to use compression wraps (we use straps from I like to add to the benefit of compression wraps by adding some resistance when using them. Wrap a 6″ area around the elbow tightly, but not so tight that you lose all feeling in your forearm and hand. Leave it on no longer than 60 seconds and perform the curls with a moderately heavy kettlebell. The added resistance will help to break fascial adhesions around the elbow and the brachialis, a problem area for me sometimes. #2, #3, #4: Ankle Stretches These stretches are AMAZING for loosening adhesions in all parts of the ankle. The team chiropractor taught me these stretches, they will help you spread the floor with your feet to prevent some valgus (caving knee) issues that you have. Try to keep the top of your foot flat on the raised surface. They are best done in flat, low top shoes. I did them in high tops because I didn’t feel like changing my shoes. #5: Catback Stretch

This stretch is great for those who have to lift earlier in the morning. When you wake up, there is a lot of accumulated fluid around your spine, and does not make for great deadlifting. The catback stretch will help to release some of the fluid around your spine, and can decreases chances of disc injuries. #6: Thumb Sweep Stretch:

This is another stretch that Andrew Bueno taught me. Get on your hands and knees (hehe) and move your knees as far away from your hands as you comfortably can. Keep your arms straight and sweep your thumbs in towards each other until your pinkies are parallel to each other. This stretch can be incredibly painful if you aren’t that flexible, so start slow. lean back if you can, you should feel it in your wrists all the way up to your shoulders. #7: Pinky Sweep Stretch: Similar to the thumb sweep, this time sweep your pinkies to the outside until they face each other on the inside again. This is a little bit easier than the previous stretch, lean back for 3 seconds, and then lean forward for 3-5 seconds. This will help loosen up the wrists, perfect for those that used a mix-grip or a hook-grip for their deadlifts. #8 Sumo RDL w/ Barbell

I like this one because I still have some trouble getting my hips and glutes to fire if I am not properly warmed up. Grab the middle of the bar, and get your feet as wide as possible, with the toes turned out. The barbell should be going up the flat part of the inside of your shins, keep the bar close. As the bar descends, attempt to keep the legs straight and push your knees out the whole time. Go as low as you can without compromising your flat back. #9: Snatch Grip RDL

Use your snatch grip for this, keeping your fleet close. Descend as low as you can while maintaining a flat back, and keep your legs straight as possible. #10: Bicep curls w/ Band These are pretty straightforward, simply put your foot on one end of the band, and perform a high amount of curls with the band. I like these because they warm up the bicep, and the band gets heavier as you finish the curl. #11: Back Foam Roll

I like to perform this last because I personally have found that my back cracks and is much more loose after it has been warmed up. My thoracic especially needs cracking about 10 times a day.

Let us know if these stretches helped you! Tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter of you performing the stretches!

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