LBEB is Pro-Science

Some have asked me why I have suddenly started posting more blatant pro-science articles, and the inevitable accusations have started rolling in that I am being paid by Big Pharma/Agro/GMO/whatever disagrees with you. Let me explain a little about why I made the change.

I have always been pro-science, and after graduating college, I became even more vehement about it. I care about the health of people, but not just their health: I care about your brain, your literacy, and your wallet. I originally would shy away from polarizing topics like GMOs and Organics, because I was concerned that I would cause a rift in the fan base, and turn away fans that disagree with me. Well, no more.

No longer will I pretend that all sides need an equal voice on scientific topics. Is everyone entitled to their opinion? Yes. Should most people keep that opinion to themselves, especially when they are ignorant on the topic? Hell yes.

Call me crazy, but I firmly believe in evidence, repeatable, observable evidence. If there is no evidence for a topic, and a clear quantity of evidence against the topic, why would I promote it? Not only does it leave me looking like an imbecile when I am proved wrong, it discredits my brand. My biggest concern for my brand is looking incredible, in the literal sense (not credible).

I feel that when there is a scientific consensus among the leading organizations that a product or substance is fine for humans to ingest, I will heed their advice until it is proven to be incorrect. On the flip side, I feel that some who see consensus among large organizations take it to mean that there MUST be some sort of conspiracy. Unfortunately, that is where the charlatans take advantage of you.

By framing their stance to be “outside” the normal channels of science and influence, charlatans are able to brainwash ignorant fans by pretending that they have “secret knowledge that THEY don’t want you to know about.” This is a great way to separate people from their money, and it inhibits the rest of the world from making progress, because we constantly have to deal with those that are ignorant by choice. Of course, the charlatans don’t have any evidence for their claims, or they skew actual evidence to fit their claims. Remember, numbers don’t lie, but liars can use numbers.

In closing, I will continue to post pro-science articles, because I want the truth, and I want LBEB members to see the truth. Wouldn’t you rather be proved wrong in something, and taught the right answer, than pretending you are always right, and never looking at the opposing argument? That is a weak mind, to me. Now, I am not a scientist, so that is why I listen and read peer-reviewed content from real scientists, not green mommy and daddy bloggers that literally pull their content from their derriere.

If you have read all of this and are still going to be a member of LBEB, I thank you for your participation. If you decide that this is a load of crap, that’s your choice too. Hopefully you leave the cave sometime in the future though. And as always, if you disagree, show me your sources.

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