LBEB Holiday Wishlist For Strength Athletes

After reading a holiday wishlist article on, Scott Byer asked me to write up an article on some useful gifts to get strength athletes for the holidays. Because I am such an obliging fellow, I happily obliged. The following is a list of some items that I and members of my crew consider to be great additions to the arsenal of nearly any lifter. Food/Supplements

Meat: Animal products. Bos Creek is a delivered to your door, with shipping included in an already-cheap price? Say no more. Protein: Nearly-endless combinations of customizable protein and supplements make TN our go-to for supplementation needs. Pills: The highest quality vitamin D, probiotics and fish oil on the market. There is a reason why we sell them. Pemmican Bars: Pemmican was the staple food of many Native American tribes. Combine that with the fact that NA were the tallest people on earth in the 19th century, and you can see why. Freeze-Dried Ice Cream: This is a personal favorite of mine. Who doesn’t want ice cream in their pocket? Caffeine Mints: I keep a tin of these in my backpack for a quick kick to the face before lifting. Training Gear Double Belt: This is without a doubt, the greatest multi-purpose belt I have ever used, especially for Strong(wo)man. Lever Belt: For those who want the belt that is the most user-friendly. Knee Sleeves: These don’t bunch up behind the knee, but still keep the knee warm and toasty. Ammonia: Low carb, while still feeling like a donkey kick to your frontal lobe. Let’s party. Elbow Sleeves: Elbows can be temperamental creatures. Keep them calm with these. Lifting Straps: If you think straps are for cheaters, you might be a rookie. Tacky: Stop wearing chalk for stone loading, and move up to the big leagues with tacky. Weightlifting Shoes: Lifting shoes are for lifting, not running or box jumps. These are the best on the market, and you get what you pay for. Sandbag: This baby goes to 300. Miscellaneous Talc Powder For Men: Men smell like hot garbage. This helps fix that. Training Log: The cover says it all. Training Log Pen: Because everyone needs heavy duty pen that doubles as a self defense tool and window breaker. SMR Pain Ball: This instrument of torture will help you reach the 7th level of SMR hell. Callus Shaver: Bleeding hands aren’t badass, continuous lifting is. Stay in the game with shaved hands and smooth calluses. Spandex: My personal favorite: the spandex that launched a thousand ships.

Vitamin B5: With great gains can come great acne. A heavy dose of this will fix it. Liquid Bandage: It is like skin, only shinier. Computer Glasses: Great for those who stay up late writing programs, and then have trouble falling asleep due to low melatonin production.

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