Knee wraps: How, When, and Why

Article written by Josh Mac

Have you crossed over to the dark side of powerlifting yet? No not THAT dark side, I mean do you feel the beckoning call of instantly adding pounds to your squat…externally?  I’m talking about the skin pulling, hematoma inducing, life decision questioning, boa constrictor-like choke of tight ass knee wraps.  Are you ready to be uncomfortably cradled by a polyester and cotton blend strip of pain while feeling like you couldn’t bend your legs to save a loved one’s life?  Ok perhaps that was a bit of a stretch; but if you’d like more information on the how’s, when’s, and many why’s of leg mummification, then read on, article readers.  For those of you who are apprehensive about using knee wraps in training or competition or just don’t necessarily know exactly what wearing them can do for you and your squat, please consider the following points that I cover below.  If you haven’t even considered adding knee wraps (like our glorious LBEB wraps) as a weapon to your strength arsenal, it might just be time to give those Tommy Kono’s (and your knees) a well deserved break. The benefits just may surprise you.

In the beginning

Long, long ago knee wraps were birthed out of necessity back in the early days of the sport of Powerlifting.  Up to and through as late as the 1980