Is Working In A Gym The Best Thing For Your Own Training?

Do gym owners and trainers slam the brakes on their own progress?

“Choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”. The sentiment in this famous quote is what makes fitness fanatics turn their hobby into a career. Working as a trainer, or even owning a gym, seems an ideal way to combine your passion with paying the bills.

But is working in the fitness industry really the best thing for your own fitness?

1) Work takes the joy out of training

You got into this industry because you fell in love with training. Then you started educating yourself about strength, nutrition, fat loss… whatever is your specialty. But all that studying, session planning, and client training can suck the joy out of the thing you used to love. Training. Do you feel different about your own training now you train people as a job?

2) Training clients leaves you with no energy (or motivation) to train

Being a trainer is hard work! And if you run a facility, you also have the stress of managing people and money. So when do you find the time, energy, and motivation to smash a training session?

Trainers often run into trouble with their own training. Do you skip sessions or quit partway through because you just don’t have the energy? Or do you have the opposite problem…

3) Being in a gym environment means you train too much and rest too little

For every trainer whose job saps their motivation to train, there’s the other type. The trainer who fits in a quick biceps blast between clients. The one who gets in early to smash a squat session. And the type who lingers late because the gym looks so tempting when it’s empty….

These trainers are doing their own progress a big disservice.

Before you worked in a gym environment, you would never have trained this often, right? So why do you do it now? Imagine working in a candy store and snacking on treats all day long just because they’re there. You’d never do that. But you’ll overdo the training just because the kit is there.

4) Your training program gets ignored 

Number 3 is even worse if you actually have a coach who has programmed your training. Are you a trainer who pays a coach for a program, yet you routinely ignore your program? You need to take your own advice.

What would you tell a client who can’t resist adding in a few more sets, or does an extra session two evenings a week? Right. Now imagine what your own coach would tell you if they knew you’re doing the same thing. You might work in a gym. But that doesn’t mean you have to use it. Stick to your program, make progress. More is not more! Go home and get some rest.

5) You lose the hunger you used to have for training

Ever noticed how your clients show up for training with a fire in their belly? Maybe they’ve had a tough day at work, or they’ve been waiting al week to do their favorite session. When was the last time you felt that hungry drive to train? Being around the gym environment all day can be massively inspiring. Or… it can take the shine off training and sap your internal motivation. Is working in a gym crushing your desire to train?

Working in a gym can mess with your progress, because you always have the chance to train. Have a program, and stick to it. Take the advice you’d give to your own clients. Train when you need to. Rest when you can.

Remember that you got into training as a career because you loved it. You love helping people get healthy, but you also have a major passion for your own strength and fitness. Protect that. Do everything you can to keep that fire burning. After all, you want your career AND your body to stay strong for years!

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