How to Get Your Lift Passed

This past week I wrote an assertive email to the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) president. I was disgusted by what seemed to me, to be a very bad judging call at an Australian Junior Nationals powerlifting meet. To my surprise, the IPF president wrote me back. I decided to write this article after our conversation. I will say that the IPF president did not see a clear reason why the second attempt deadlift should have been be red lighted but, stated that he could not know what the side judges might have seen.

You can see the first and second lift here (ignore the illuminati inserts). The lifter, Kevin, explained that the reason the judges gave him for disqualifying the second lift was due to a “lack of control” on the way down.

Now, Powerlifting Australia LTD is not run by the IPF but they do operate in cooperation with the IPF and exclusively follow the IPF technical rule book. So, my email to the IPF president was slightly misplaced and I acknowledge that. Now, getting into the nitty gritty, what I want to communicate to you (the lifter of coach) is how to get your lifts passed, as it applies to powerlifting but, also weightlifting and strongman.

Understand the Judging Conditions