How To Eat Big On A Budget Pt. 3

Without a doubt, the biggest article request we get is “How can I put on weight?! I have tried everything!” First of all, no you haven’t, and if you don’t have a burrito in your hand right now, then we have just figured out your main issue: You aren’t eating enough! Under-eating is the absolute #1 cause as to why people who want to gain weight can’t, no matter how many squats and deadlifts they do. Part of this is a lack of your true caloric needs in order to increase quality mass, but another part can be the perceived hefty price tag that can accompany the gain train. Luckily for you, LBEB is going to continue its series of how YOU can start eating bigger, the way you need to.

#1. Tighten Up Your Meat Game As stated in the previous budget articles, we are huge fans of buying half or whole grass-fed cows to keep in a giant freezer. We recommend this not only because they cow will have lived a healthier life which involved eating grass like it should be, but also for the reason that all cuts of the cow are extremely cheap. That being said, not everyone has a freezer big enough to stash bodies in. To counteract the cost of meat, some people resort to buying ground beef in the 80/20 (meat/fat) range because it is cheaper. Unfortunately, this means when you cook it, as much as 20% of what you bought is turned into grease that you will drain from the pan. To put it in perspective, If you were to buy 5lbs of this meat and cook it, you would end up with 4lbs of actual meat.

You would be better off spending the extra 50-75 cents and getting the 92/8% ground beef instead. It may appear more expensive, but in reality it would be cheaper due to the amount of protein that’s left over for you to eat. I hear that you need protein to gain size, but hey what do I know? #2 Liquid Lunch One of the first sermons you will hear in the LBEB chapel will involve the famous passage “Man cannot live by shakes alone.” This one is especially for all the “hard gainers” that blend 40g of protein with water twice a day with no extra meals and can’t figure out why they aren’t putting on mass. While it may be true that shakes alone won’t get you big, blending actual food into your shakes, on top of your meals, can be extremely beneficial for 2 reasons: The food has been broken down by the blender which allows for faster digestion, it can be cheaper!

One of my go-to’s for a liquid lunch about 90 minutes and my solid lunch consists of 80g of our LBEB cinnabun protein from True Nutrition, 1 cup plain greek yogurt, and 3 cups of plain Rice Krispies. I add the Rice Krispies simply because rice is our go-to carb source, and there are minimal extra ingredients in a box of Rice Krispies. You can get about 85g of carbs from 3 cups of Rice Krispies, so this would be an ideal shake to drink after you train as well. It’s cheap, easily accessible, and requires no cooking! #3 Get In Touch With Your Ethnic Side

I love greasy, sloppy American and European food as much as the next bear, but the problem that can come from it is the high amount of wheat and bread in the dish, with little meat. Even if the dish does have high protein, it more often than not comes wrapped in a bun, bread, or is tossed in with pasta. This is not optimal for those of us that are trying to put on some serious mass! Part of the reason we at LBEB try to eat gluten free as much as possible is because most wheat products leave us feeling bloated. By skipping the wheat products, we don’t feel bloated, which allows us to eat more, and more often. One of the great things about ethnic foods, specifically foods from Asia, is that a lot of them contain a meat choice, rice, and a vegetable. That is literally what we eat for almost every meal. A great way to make your own ethnic foods for cheap is to head to the international districts in your town and hit up the Asian grocery stores. On a consistent basis, I have found the meat and vegetables to be more fresh and INCREDIBLY cheaper than at American grocery stores. The only thing that might throw you off is the odor that comes from some of the stores, but if you let a little odor get in the way of your gains, you have bigger issues to worry about. Keep some of these tips in mind the next time you are grocery shopping, and remember the main takeaways: step up your meat game, make meat and rice your main food staples, and blend solid foods if you need to. What are some your tricks to get big without breaking the bank? Leave the comments on the Facebook page!

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