How To Eat An Elephant

If you have never heard of Scott Mendelson, then gather ’round children. He is a man that stirs up controversy wherever he goes, usually because his brain-to-mouth filter is switched to “off”. Say what you will about the man, but there is one special thing about him: his 1,031 pound bench press. To quote Tim Ferris “To put 1,031 pounds in perspective, imagine loading a standard gym barbell with 45 pound plates until no more can fit. That is a measly 885 pounds. Scott has to use 100-pound plates, and the tempered steel literally bends around his hands. He wears a mouth guard so he doesn’t shatter his teeth with jaw tension, and his vision gets pulled horizontally when he pauses at his chest”.

Now you can cry out things like “he wears a bench shirt!” or “he is on steroids!,” but without a bench shirt, he can still bench 731. I would be happy with a 731lb deadlift. Scott is an unusual individual, but there is something to learn from people like him. He didn’t walk into a gym and load up a barbell with half a ton on it. No, he had to learn how to eat the elephant: one bite at a time.