Five Beginner Questions Answered, Pt. 2

Last time on the Beginner Questions series, we tackled some questions from the LBEB Facebook page, to better assist beginner lifters who may have questions on topics that the rest of us have now taken for granted. This week, we continue the series with five more questions, asked to us via our Facebook page.

1. For beginners, what are the key ideas that one should adhere to that can facilitate success?  As you know, there is a superfluous amount of information that can often be too much to follow for a beginner.  What 3-5 points will set an aspiring power lifter up for success?

I would have to say that the biggest favor a new lifter could do for themselves is to find a comprehensive strength program, any program really, and stick to that program with a religious fervor until you have finished it. The program should involve compound lifts, first and foremost, but should not shy away from accessory lifts.  Another piece of advice I like to give all inquiring minds is to not shy away from volume in your training. As a beginner, one of the most important cornerstones of your programming should be heavy, high volume. This will allow you to build up tendon, ligament, and joint strength, which take a lot more volume and time that muscle growth. Finally, I would recommend that a beginner lifter should invest in a quality pair of wrist wraps,