Eight Ways To Become a Better Lifter Right Now

Feeling like you are reaching a plateau? HINT: you are most likely not anywhere near an actual plateau, you just need a kick in the shorts. Here are eight ways you can become a better lifter RIGHT NOW:

1. You can combine all the best programs in the world, but if you won’t follow any of them AS WRITTEN, you won’t become better. Find a program, any program, and follow it as written. Then make a decision for a new program once you finish the first.

2. Film your lifts. You don’t need a mirror to make sure your lifts look proper. instead, use your own kinesthetic awareness and proprioception to FEEL the lift, then watch your recorded lifts later to make adjustments in between sets.

3. You won’t get extra points in a competition for writing your own programming. If you don’t know how to program for yourself, have a superior lifter who has good listening skills write it for you, especially if it turns you into a podium placer.

4. If you don’t place on the podium, your perfect bodyfat doesn’t really make you better. Instead of focusing solely on your bodyfat, eat for your sport and let the pieces fall where they may. If you want to be a bodybuilder, then be a bodybuilder. Do you remember that one guy who did keto and had 4% bodyfat, but placed last? Me neither.

5. No strength program is complete without some sort of high rep hypertrophy work. Add these into the tail-end of your workouts to increase muscle mass and tendon thickness.

6. Multiple information sources are beneficial, but too many can give you paralysis by analysis; more is not always better. If you are an Olympic lifter, you probably don’t need squat advice from a geared Powerlifter, and vice versa.

7. Have patience. The difference between those who want to be good vs. those who want to become good, is the latter recognizes the journey that must be undertaken to reach the top. Those who just want to be good can’t hang for very long.

8. Upper back strength is as important as hip strength, and strengthening both of these will make most, if not all, your lifts increase.

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