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STOP!!! Before you read any further go get something to eat. If you have time to sit here and read this you can eat while you’re reading. You and I both know a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is exactly what you need right now.

In my opinion most athletes aren’t eating enough food. I already know someone is going to say “but Marshall, yesterday I ate 37 pieces of pizza at a buffet!” and I applaud you for that but what did you do the rest of the day? How about the rest of the week? Strength athletes seem to take so much pride in what they can eat in one sitting without giving too much thought to consistency in their diets. Eating big isn’t only about “that one time” you had a huge meal, it’s about eating becoming as important if not more so than your training.

Do you miss training sessions? If not why would you miss a meal? Don’t say you’re too busy to eat! If you’re too busy to eat then stop bitching about being small and go ahead and accept that being massive isn’t in the cards for you! Eating big has to be a priority and I realize that can take some work so here are some tips that I have picked up that help me consume more food in my day. Don’t worry I’m not going to tell you the same old “cook ahead of time” that you’ve heard a million times before.

1. Start eating out of bowls. That’s right eating out of a bowl makes your life easier by combining all your food into one neat and tidy little package of “getting big”. Combine your entire meal into a bowl, if necessary use a pair of scissors to cut the meat into small pieces, and then use a spoon to eat. A spoon is basically a mini shovel and works wonders at getting your food in quick.

2. Put little snacks EVERYWHERE in your life. Is there beef jerky in your car? How about some pistachios in your desk or tool box at work? If you put snacks everywhere in your life you won’t have any excuse to not eat. Will people look at you funny when you pop open some jerky in the middle of class? Yes, but they’ll look at you even funnier when you’re a freaky mass of muscley muscle so you might as well go ahead and get used to it.

3. Stop trying to be a bodybuilder. In my opinion most athletes are secretly wannabe bodybuilders. If you are an athlete and you are eating correctly you will look like an athlete. Bodybuilders don’t look like athletes, they look like bodybuilders. Low carbs and no sugar isn’t for athletes. I’m not saying eat super sloppy and get ultra fat, I’m saying that extremely low carbs aren’t going to get you to a 200kg clean and jerk.

4. Accept that eating big is not going to be cheap. If you prioritize eating big though you can just replace other things in your life with food. 3 years ago I started ordering 2 entrees at restaurants, while this is expensive I just started cutting out other things in my life that were lower priority that eating big. I don’t need to buy beer; I don’t need lattes, etc. Find a way to eat big. Take up hunting, grow a garden, raise some chickens, pose as a homeless person and put it down on a soup kitchen, etc.

5. Stop acting like a shake is going to get you big! Protein shakes serve a purpose for athletes when added to a meal. Outside of that they are low calorie milk shakes that don’t do you much good if any at all. To get big you need to eat tons and tons of whole food. Embrace rice, chicken, ground beef, potatoes and oatmeal like they are your best friend and you will see so many more gains than that dumbass shake you’ve been sucking on like your mom’s tit. (if you are blending up whole foods and drinking them to be able to consume more calories then that is ok)

6. Last but most importantly you should eat like whatever it is you want to become. If you are 175lbs but want to be a 250lb monster you need to eat like you already weigh 250. Ladies this means you to, if you’re an athlete you should know by now that what you weigh has nothing to do with what you look like. Step it up and eat big to add the muscle that will ultimately give you the physique you want. “But Marshall I have to make weight!” Fine, but realize that if you are going to reach your true strength potential you will eventually have to add more muscle and go up in weight classes.

There ya go. Just a few tips that will hopefully help you in the pursuit of moving big weight. Always keep in mind how important eating actually is for athletes, your diet is going to fuel world class performances. Make eating big a priority and I promise you will see yourself doing things you never thought possible.

Marshall in action

Marshall White has been a pro strongman for 6 years and has competed in over 40 competitions domestically and internationally. He is currently 330lbs and is one of the top Strongmen competing today. He once killed a man to see what his insides looked like.

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