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Here’s a big surprise for you guys: I grew up a very fat kid (sarcasm). Not like “oh look at those chubby little cheeks isn’t he so cute” fat, more along the lines of “holy shit that kid is going to have some health issues” fat. Growing up a fat kid has some mental issues that come along with it as well. Low self-esteem, no confidence, etc, etc. In addition to these issues the same people purchasing the food I was eating punished me on the regular for being fat.

As I got older and more mature I came to a crossroads in my life. I knew that I would never fit into “normal ideals” that society held for a man so I had to decide: did I want to be on the fringe of society as an obese person or did I want to gain as much muscle as possible and live on the fringe of society as a strength freak show? It was simple to me; I wanted to be a turbo strong “freak”!

At 17 years old I made the decision to dedicate my life to getting as big and strong as possible. To surpass what I thought was humanly possible. I knew this was a decision no one, not even my own family would understand. I also knew that general society would never fully accept someone that intentionally put on massive amounts of weight all in the pursuit of getting bigger and stronger. I quickly decided I didn’t give a shit! When I look for sponsors, support, or resources to help me in my pursuit of my goals I don’t seek out companies like Hot Topic. I seek out companies like Lift Big Eat Big, a company that is dedicated to getting huge and strong and doesn’t give a fuck if that puts them on the fringe. In fact, much like me they embrace this and wear the term “freak” like a badge of honor.

I see all the time on LBEB’s Facebook page all these comments about “I saw a guy curling in the squat rack, what would ya’ll do?” While these observations are funny if you are truly dedicated to getting huge what others in the gym should be of absolutely no consequence. I’ve been kicked out of 9 gyms in my life all because when I want to use a rack I go use it, end of story. Ever notice how Brandon and Chow have to train at Brandon’s facility? How Talia and Streaky both train at private gyms? Or how L-Train throws down in the backyard? You think anyone would let these freaks in a 24 hour fitness? Not likely! Making the life decision to get huge and strong will not win you any friends, nor will it make you popular among general society. It’s a decision that you have to make for you to better yourself and your life. I know tons of people that have made this decision and not once have I ever heard “damn, I sure do wish I wasn’t so strong and awesome”. Screw what TV, media, the latest fitness craze says and live your life like a beast.

Next time you head to the gym to train you should decide if you’re going to become a monster or are you going so that you can make a comment on Facebook and feel superior? If you’re not going to get huge and you give a shit what society thinks of you, maybe leave the squat racks to us and GTFO!

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