Crossfit Total

I hosted a small group Crossfit TOTAL yesterday and it was a great success. Everyone hit big PR’s on their lifts, most notably on the squat and deadlift portions. There were a few failed reps, but overall it went really well. I am thinking of turning this into a monthly invitational event. Possibly followed by massive meat consumption.

The Crossfit TOTAL follows the same basic structure as a powerlifting meet, except instead of bench press, you have strict press. Rippetoe states that this is more of a test of real strength because like the other two lifts you are standing up and using your whole body, whereas on a bench press you are seated and your whole core has a nice support under it. Other than that it is the same. you work in a rotation of people, and you get 3 attempts to improve your 1RM of each lift, starting with squats, then presses, then deadlifts. If you fail an attempt on a weight, you cannot move down, you have to stay at that weight until you get it before you can move on. If you do not get it, well tough beans.

I scored a total of 810, which is a 30 pound jump from my previous score. 20 pounds of that was on my squat, which has been increasing by 20 pounds every 9 days. Thanks Conjugate Method! Big Steve totaled 700 flat, which was a huge jump for him especially after starting CF not too lon