Changing Your Overhead Press

Article written by Marshall White Recently Pastor B posted a video of me performing a strict press on an axle bar. In the video the bar starts at about my chin level and never goes below my chin. I’ve had quite a few questions as to why I use such a limited range of motion when strict pressing, and yes I gladly admit I’m using less than full range of motion. Before I get in to my explanation as to why I train my press this way I want to explain that for YEARS I was a shitty presser! I experimented with almost every method to try and get my press to go up and seems as though I was stuck on a plateau for years and years. 3 years in a row I pressed a 340lb log at Americas Strongest Man, so basically 3 years with no gain in my press. The reason I mention this is to explain that I have not always been a good overhead presser, it has taken me a crazy amount of work and experimentation to get to where I’m currently at and the things I suggest are what I have found bust plateaus for me. I share