Bulking The Lean Way

When I was younger, I got into lifting weights because I wanted to be a bodybuilder.  I’m sure like many of you reading this, you grew up watching Arnold movies and you wanted to look just like him.  I got my hands on every bodybuilding magazine there was, and read them cover to cover.  One of my favorite bodybuilders to read about was Lee Priest.  For those of you that never heard of Lee Priest, he was known for putting on massive amounts of weight in the off season.  He would literally eat fast food on a daily basis, and his body fat would climb extremely fast in comparison to how lean he would be on stage.  His approach was to eat anything and everything just to get calories in…and it worked for him.  To give you an idea, Lee would bulk up all the way to 285lbs in the off season, and keep in mind he is only 5’4’’!  When he stepped on stage he was 195-200lbs.  Needless to say Lee Priest was known for being the master of bulking.

After graduating high school at 180lbs I tried this approach myself when I went away to college.  I didn’t go the fast food route at least, but I was eating everything that was in front of me, and needless to say it was awesome.  The college cafeteria had everything I could imagine.  I drank whole milk constantly, devoured peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pasta, sloppy joes, and even used a weight gainer shake at night.  My go to meal before bed was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and a weight gainer shake with whole milk.  I’m not positive of the calorie count anymore but I think it was over 2000 in one sitting.  In case any of you haven’t tried the weight gainer shakes, they are delicious and go perfect with PB and J.  BEEFCAKE!