Beefcake Recipe

Updated: May 30, 2019

Alright team, after many requests, I finally have time write up my recipe for beefcake. I call it beefcake because it looks like a beef version of sheet cake, but I probably didn’t need to explain that. However, let me explain why I started cooking some of my dishes this way for my weekly meal prep:

  1. It is the easiest way to get even doneness for 6lbs of meat when in the oven.

  2. It fits into the largest slot of my meal prep containers.

  3. Rather than pan-cooking ground beef or making meatballs, this is less time-consuming and doesn’t sit as tall in my containers, so the lid can easily close.

  4. Cooking it this way is the easiest way to drain all the liquid fat, so you’re left with just the protein of the beefcake.

I like to mix equal parts ground chicken with ground beef for my beefcake. I do that because chicken is cheaper than beef, and has almost no fat on it. Because it is pretty low on flavor, it doesn’t overtake the beef flavor, so you barely know you’re eating chicken.

Below I will list the ingredients and recipe for beefcake, although keep in mind that I vary the spices I use every week, so you can substitute your own favorite spices to keep your palette from getting bored of eating the same thing over and over.

Staple Ingredients (spices are up to you):

  1. 3lbs lean ground beef (I grind eye of round, which has almost no marbling. You can also buy 90/10 ground beef or 94/6)

  2. 3lbs ground chicken ( I grind my own because it’s less than half the price of pre-ground chicken)

  3. 4 whole eggs

  4. 2tsp salt

  5. 3tsp black pepper

If I’m going for German or Italian flavors, I will add bread crumbs and fresh chopped parsley. If you want more of a meatloaf texture, add whole oats and diced onion. Your options are endless, really. It’s all about what your favorite flavor profile is. For the meal prep I used this week, I only added the above ingredients, as the French onion soup sauce had loads of flavor on its own.


Preheat oven to 400F and raise your oven rack to its highest level.

In a very large bowl, add the 3lbs of chicken, the eggs, the salt and the pepper. Add the beef on top of the other ingredients and mix thoroughly. The easiest way to do this will be in a Kitchenaid mixer, but you can use your hands if you don’t have a mixer. However, if you don’t have a mixer, make sure to thoroughly mix the ingredients so you don’t have large chunks of beef and chicken separate from each other.

Place your beefcake mixture and evenly spread over the entire surface. Make sure to run over it a few times or your meals are going to have uneven amounts of protein.

Place sideways onto the oven rack and push as far back in the oven as you can. Bake at 400F for 13mins.

Immediately turn your broiler on and leave under the broiler for 10mins. My broiler is only in the center of my oven, so I turn the cookie sheet so it sits right under the broiler and helps a crust form.

Remove from the oven and drain the fat. Cut into however many pieces you need, and let sit in pan until cooled.

Store in your meal prep containers, and enjoy your beefcake.

What kind of spices do you plan on adding? Let me know in the comments!

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