Becoming A Master Of Your Domain

If you want to be the king (or queen) of your castle, there are a few things you need to take care to ensure that your kingdom is under your firm control. Historically, in order to withstand a siege a castle would need a reliable food supply grown from the local area. Nowadays instead of invading Saxons or Mongols, we have things like rising food prices and poisonous chemicals in the dirt and water. You need to have a reliable food supply in your kingdom in order to feed yourself if you are ever laid siege by invading rising food prices.

This is what rising food prices looks like.

Get yourself some non-GMO seeds.

I am stressing the non-GMO seeds because lets face it, if you are in control of your domain you need to know everything that is going into your food supply. If you buy GMO seeds, you don’t really know what you are getting, or what has been changed. All of that hippie tree-hugging mentality aside, you need to know what kind of seeds you are getting so you will be able to grow your future feast the right way. If you buy a GMO seed, who knows? Maybe your kids will be born with an extra set of eyeballs. Probably not, but just get the real thing. If it is good enough for your grandparents, it is good enough for you.

You need a compost bin.

Why do you need a compost bin? Don’t ask questions. Listen to Denim Dan here talk about the benefits of compost.

Basically compost is discarded scraps from the kitchen (no meat, bones, or fat), newspaper clippings, coffee grounds, dead leaves, etc… This all breaks down after 8-12 weeks into something that farmers call “black gold”. Soil that is so full of nutrients that your plants will grow so fast that it would be comparable to someone drinking GOMAD, taking steroids, and squatting everyday. If you want to control the very earth that you walk on, get composting!

I made this compost bin out of a shipping pallet, chicken wire, and gorilla tape. Try not to stare.

Find a sunny, secluded area. This is especially important thing you need to remember if you live city filled with snot-nosed brats and cats that think they are entitled to your food supply. Luckily the building adjacent to mine has been vacant for quite some time. All I have to do is climb the fence and I am invisible to those on the ground. Be resourceful if you are an urban dweller. I included some pictures below:

You can see the roof of the building on the right side of this photo.

This is what’s going on behind that wall.

You need a place with maximum sunlight, especially if you live in Seattle, like me. We have maybe 4 or 5 months of really good growth time if you live in the city.


Think of it like raising a child: If you give your child whatever it wants at all times, what will happen to that child when it is older? Has it achieved its full potential, or have you made it weaker because you did everything for it? The same goes for plants, if you use fertilizer, you are inhibiting the plants ability to defend itself from the various aspects of nature that want to eat it/ end its life. This translates into more vitamins and minerals in the plants. Stronger plants = more nutrients. Plain and simple.

Plants are all well and good, but what about the most important food group: Meat? Don’t worry. Next I will be discussing how to control your supply of meat as much as possible. How can you expect to rule your kingdom with an iron fist if you don’t have a well stocked supply of roasted turkey legs wrapped in bacon?

Rome would have been built in a day if they had these.

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